Terms and Conditions

  1. Each individual can submit any number of entries they wish. 
  2. All images must be taken in the United Kingdom between September 2022 and September 2023. 
  3. Maximum image size 10MB.
  4. Entrants are required to provide their full name, email address, and phone number. This personal data will be used for administration of the Hedgerow of the Year competition and stored securely and privately. All personal data will be kept for the duration of the Hedgerow of the Year Competition. After the competition has concluded, all personal data will be deleted. 
  5. Any entrants under 16 years of age must have consent of an appropriate adult to enter the competition. 
  6. All images submitted to Chris Packham’s Hedgerow of the Year competition may be used by Chris Packham on associated web pages, social media and communications relating to the competition. 
  7. Copyright will remain with the original photographer for any images submitted. Credit will be given when photographs are used outside of the main competition gallery. 
  8. All images submitted must be the work of the individual entering the competition. Entrants must warrant that the photograph they are submitting is their own work and that they own the copyright for it.
  9. The welfare of wildlife and wild spaces is always more important than the photograph itself. If it’s found or suspected that disturbance of wildlife or damage to habitats have taken place in the taking of a photography, the entry will be disqualified. 
  10. The winner of each category of Chris Packham’s Hedgerow of the Year will win: up to 500 metres of Native British Hedgerow from a UK Supplier. 
  11. Should any occurrence render the deliver of the stated prize(s) impossible, the competition holders may, at their discretion, amend or change the prize offered.  
  12. By taking part in the competition you’re agreeing that all pictures are taken and shared with respect. Participation should be polite, considerate and kind. 
  13. Submission of an entry to Chris Packham’s Hedgerow of the Year will be taken as acceptance of these terms and conditions.